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Highlights Kids

PBS Kids

Dot's Story Factory - Write your own adventure or have Dot give you a helping hand

Coach Hooper - Fun exercises with Coach Hooper and friends

Dash's Dance Party - Cool dance moves with Dash

Adventures with Hooper - Learn cool tricks with Hooper 

Stories - Sit back, relax, and enjoy the stories

Sesame Street Art - Fun with Elmo, Cookie Monster, and the rest of the Sesame Street crew

Super Why - The power to read!

Reading Is Fundamental

Activities Lab - Reading activities

Book Zone - Watch and listen to animated stories and songs

Express Yourself - You're the star! 

Game Station - Time to play!


Kindergarten - Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Holidays, and so much more!

1st Grade - Make a pumpkin, Halloween word search, Make a robot, and create a car!

2nd Grade - Create you own word search puzzle, learn coins, typing rockets, and build a house too!

3rd Grade - Synonyms and Antonyms...what?!   Number Grid Fireworks, Drag Racing, and Trick or Treat

4th Grade - Turtle Dash, Spelling bees, Math Facts Basketball, Multiplication Grand Prix

5th Grade - Jet Ski Addition, Fraction Tiles, Keyboard Invasion, Mini Golf