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Chinese Education Center

The Chinese Education Center Elementary School of the San Francisco Unified School District is a one year transitional school for Chinese-speaking, recently arrived immigrant students in Kindergarten through fifth grades. It was established in 1969 at the urgency of the Chinese community in San Francisco to address the eduational and social needs of the newcomer students and families. We provide a specially designed academic program that meets the needs of our students. All classroom teachers are certificated with bilingual or BCLAD competencies.

School Vision


We teach our students to take responsibility for their learning and put forth their best effort in whatever they do. Our goal is to provide for each student a strong foundation in English Language Development, chinese Language Arts, and Math. It is our vision that our students will responsible, respectful, productive and concerned citizens.

School Balanced Scorecard Goals:

  1. Academic and Equity

             All students at CEC have equal opportunities to achieve to his/her fullest potential, in academics, social abilities, and critical thinking, in a safe and nurturing learning environment. In our school community, equity means all students and their families have equal access to school and community programs and services. Social justice means that all students, regardless of their socio-economic status or background, will be given equal opportunity to succeed in school.